Month: April 2020

Serving others

I am part of a whatsapp group for my cul-de-sac and nearly each day somebody on the group will say that they are going shopping, and ask if anybody needs anything – the most frequently requested is strong flour!

It’s not something that my husband and I can really offer, because we don’t have a car so can only really carry our own shopping.

But this is OK?…

In 1 Peter 4:9-10 it says that we should not whinge about being hospitable, but also that we each have our own gifts that we can use to serve others.

We may not be able to do additional shopping for others, but we can do other things.

Each of us is unique, there is no one exactly like us, personally I think that is extraordinary. Because we are unique no one can serve others in the same way as us.

Within Christianity, and many other religions it is believed that we serve God through serving other people. It’s not about going to a building, or doing certain things, it is about using what we have been given by God.

As you go in to this week, another week of isolation, think about how you can serve those you are in contact with, and maybe even those you are not. How will those actions impact the community?

Called to serve

Happy Easter and welcome to term 5. This term we are looking at the final of our school values … service.

People often assume that Christianity is all about following rules, but actually it’s more about service. Jesus demonstrated service in his life, washing his disciples feet, and the ultimate act of service through sacrifice in His crucifixion and resurrection.

We are called to serve God, how do we do that? We can serve God through serving others. The Parable of the sheep and the goats that Jesus told shows the kind of actions we should be doing. By helping the poor, the hungry, the ill, the prisoners we are helping Jesus and will be rewarded for doing so.

I think we can safely say that things have been very strange recently and yet we have seen so much service and kindness. Our road has a whatsapp group where people offer to get shopping for others; I have been collecting prescriptions for a friend who has been unable to get hers; the amount of people who have volunteered to help the NHS as well. It’s been phenomenal.

Service involves some sacrifice, a willingness to help others even though it may cost you something such as time.

So in this time of weirdness, how can you serve people in your household, people in your community, or keyworkers?