Advent: Faith of the shepherds

Do you find it easier to do things by yourself or if other people are doing them with you?

As we come to our final week looking at faith we see the collective faith of a group of people. The shepherds.

The shepherds were of course, the reason that so many of us have worn tea towels on our heads – or maybe that was just me!

The shepherds were just doing their job, out in the fields with their sheep. We see sheep and shepherds a lot in the Bible. Sheep are creatures who follow their master – their shepherd. These shepherds would have known their flock, and would be out in the mountainside with them in all weathers and at all times.

Suddenly, whilst they’re doing their job, an host of angels appear in the sky, praising God and then directing the shepherds to where the king had been born.

It must have been amazing, shocking, bewildering and yet, as a group of people….

They were unquestioning, they had faith that God was speaking to them through the angels, they had faith that a saviour was to be born, they had faith to follow the guidance, leave the field they knew and head to Bethlehem to see what the Lord had told them about.

Would we have responded in the same way?

Would we even have believed that an angel had appeared to us?

Henry B Eyring challenges us

“Angels, Shepherds and Wise Men sought and found peace from their faith in Jesus Christ, so will you. The Saviours birth is the gift that makes it possible for the Father to give us peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come”

What will your focus be this Christmas time? The presents or the peace of God which we can then present to others?

May you have a blessed Christmas and we’ll see you in 2020!

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