Advent: Faith of Mary

Self-image seems to be at height of society today. There are so many options that people have to show things of their life, and so much opportunity for people to comment.

How much do you think about the image that other people have of you?

Would you be willing to do something you knew was important with the knowledge that you would be judged by your friends, your family, the whole of society?

This is exactly what Mary did. She was a teenage girl, who was from a Jewish family, and who was pledged to be married. An angel appears to her and tells her that she will be made pregnant through the Holy Spirit, and the baby will be very special.

An unmarried woman who was pregnant, would not have been viewed well, she could easily have been denied by her family. In fact Joseph thought about it divorcing her quietly.

Mary had a decision to make, and her response was…

““I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Then the angel left her.”

Mary had followed the scriptures all of her life, she knew God, that is why she was chosen. However she had to show incredible faith in her response. As we know, faith is to have trust or confidence in something or someone. Mary must have had that faith in God. God had said that if she did this, she would be blessed. She had to have faith that God would fulfill His promise.

There are so many promises in the Bible, do we have faith that they will be fulfilled? Are we willing to go against what society says in the normal, to do something that God has asked us to do?

Mary wasn’t just a woman riding on a donkey, she made one of the biggest steps of faith that we see, she sets us a huge challenge – the question for us – are we willing to accept that challenge?

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