Faith that God will do good things

How many times have you thought… that’s just not fair! I cannot believe that that has happened to me?

This is probably something that many of us have thought, and it is often a reason that people may use to say they don’t believe in God. However, our theme for the week is about having faith to see God do good things. Nick Viyicic has no limbs and is a world travelling speaker he said

“Every time you think you’re being rejected God’s actually redirecting you to something better. Ask him to give you the strength to press forward”

Why has Nick become a world travelling speaker? I think it’s because of his own response to the difficulties that he has had to face. It cannot have been easy to grow up without any limbs, yet Nick has the attitude that no matter what is going on, God will use it and will give us the strength to move on in the situation.

Where does Nick get this attitude? Nick is a Christian and therefore has a faith in God, and will have known this teaching that Paul wrote in his letter to the Church in Rome…

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

We aren’t punished by God, but God always works for good. If you think back to those ‘it’s not fair’ moments, are you then able to see some good that has come out of them? It’s very difficult to think that way in the situation, but we can see it when we look back. By having a faith in God, it is easier to have faith that good will come, or that we are part of good, even if we can’t see it at that moment.

Challenge: share examples with others of when seemingly bad things, have turned into good

Prayer: father God we thank you that you love us, that you work in our lives, and that you always work for good. Help us to have faith when we are in times of difficulty. Amen

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