Faith can move mountains

What is the greatest thing you’ve accomplished? How did you manage to accomplish it?

I am going to confess that I have been watching Masterchef Australia, it is a LONG series, but I do enjoy it! This morning I was catching up on the finals week. In the final one the contestants took her dessert up to the judges, they asked if she had done enough to win. She said something along the lines of ‘I love these flavours, I’m confident in this pudding, yes I’ve done enough’ to which the judges commented that the most important thing there is that she said ‘yes I’ve done enough’ not ‘I hope I’ve done enough’. She had faith in herself. She won.

Last week we looked at having faith as small as a mustard seed, but Jesus also spoke about how faith can move mountains. He says that when we ask for things in prayer, we should believe that we have received it… we should have faith.

I think for many people we may go to God in prayer, but won’t necessarily believe that it will happen. How can that change? It comes over time. In masterchef she started off hoping her food was good enough and ended up knowing it was. In prayer as we see God work in our lives, we will have more confidence when we go to Him with our prayers.

We also need to see the part that we play, it is a relationship with God, not a request service. Jesus recognised the part that He had to play in order for salvation to be achieved. Our thought for the week is anonymous but says…

“Faith can move mountains but don’t be surprised if God hands you a shovel”

We need to have faith that God can work in and through our lives, but we also need to listen out for what God wants us to do in order for that to happen.

Challenge … what mountains need to be moved in your life?

Prayer… father God we thank you that you work in our lives. Help us to have faith to come to you when there are mountains in our way. Help us to use the gifts you have given us to be able to move those mountains. Amen

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