Respect your education

Last week I was back home in Birmingham and my mum was watching family brain games, I carried on watching it when I got back to Canterbury. I’ve really enjoyed it as you saw families working together to try and play different games, and solve various types of puzzle. The families that did particularly well were the ones who communicated well, but also those who asked lots of questions of each other. The families all did lots of different activities at home together as family, outside of school and work life.

As we look at respecting your education our thought for the week comes from Helen Keller who said

“A well educated mind will always have more questions than answers”

I love this quote because it is encouraging us to develop our own knowledge, not just accepting what we are told but trying to find out more by asking questions. We wouldn’t have developed as a society if we didn’t ask questions to work out how we could improve things.

As children we probably asked the question Why? A lot, we seem to lose that sense of discovery as we grow up, but it’s important that we try to keep it going.

We don’t know much of Jesus childhood, but we know that he spent time in the temple asking questions and having discussions with the teachers of the law. As a teacher I encourage questions, and there have been numerous times when I’ve had to say that I don’t know the answer to the question. Jesus never had a go at people who asked him questions, but instead welcomed them as a way to develop their understanding of the faith.

We hear the word education and we think of school, but education comes in all aspects of our lives, and we should try to develop ourselves and not rely on others to give us facts. We have been created with the ability to question and we should do so.

Don’t be afraid to question, it’s an important skill that will aid us in our education and our development.

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