Respect your environment

Does it annoy you when you go somewhere and it isn’t clean? If there is rubbish all over the place or horrible marks on walls, floors, ceilings?

I imagine it does with most people, but when it’s somewhere we use everyday we don’t seem to mind as much, but in a way, it is those places we should care more about.

People often also think that with public place especially, that someone else will clean it up, so it’s not our responsibility. But imagine how much more those people who do get paid to clean could do if they didn’t have to pick up litter, or remove marks.

We don’t like it if places are messy but we also don’t seem to be willing to take the responsibility for those places we use.

As we continue on our road of respect we are considering respecting the environment. It would be easy to go down the route of climate change, and that is an important topic, but I want to focus on things a bit closer to home. Our thought for the week comes from Lady Bird Johnson who says

The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share

The environment isn’t just a global thing, each day we are in different environments, whether that is your home, the classroom, school field, toilets, the bus, town centres. We may not own any of these things but we use them. We share these environments with other people. We probably wouldn’t be happy if they were not in a good state when we wanted to use them, so we should try and make sure we leave them in a good state as well. This isn’t just NOT dropping litter, but picking up litter when we see it.

In the same way that Christians believe in the idea of stewardship and caring for the environment, because it has been placed into our care by God, we should think the same when it comes to the environments that are a part of our lives each day

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