Coming Together


When you go on a journey do you prefer to go on your own or do you prefer to go with others? For me it depends, on my walk to work in the morning I prefer to be on my own with the thoughts of my head, but there are other times when it is much better to be travelling with someone else, or even a group of people.

During this month of Lent we have been considering our journey to get closer to God, so far looking at things we do on our own, and decisions we have to make for our own journeys to get closer to God. However we are reminded today that although we have to make our own decisions for the journey, it is so much easier if we make that journey as part of a collection of people – after all that is what the Church is – a collection of people who are followers of Christ.

During Jesus’ ministry as much as he spent time with disciples, and other larger groups of people, he too, would also go off on his own to spend time with the Father. The majority of his time, though, was spent with groups of people. Our thought for the week comes from Helen Keller this week who says “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – as a Church we can not only learn from each other as a community, but also make a difference to the world around us by working as the community of Christ.

Groups such as Street Pastors, Food Bank, Christian Aid etc are all Christian and making a huge difference in society. Like Jesus, we will need to spend time on our own, but we can make more of a difference if we work together.

Prayer: Father God thank you for sending your son as an example and providing the Church as a guidance and support for us all. Amen

Challenge: Who can be your support team that can help you to make a difference?


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