God’s Generous Heart

Have you ever gone to a supermarket and decided that you don’t need a basket – afterall you’re only going in to get one item. You’re walking around, and see different things that ‘might’ be useful, but by the time you get to the one item you have gone in to get, the one item you NEED your arms are full and there’s no room for that one item – I know I’ve been there a number of times, rushing back for a basket to drop all the other items in so I can pick up the one thing I actually need.

This is how I see the thought for the week this week, that we get from Augustine – although I doubt he was thinking about supermarkets and shopping baskets! Augustine says

“God is always trying to give good things to us, but our hands are too full to receive them”

Rules; Rules; Rules; that’s the misconception that people have about God, when actually it’s all about giving. God has given us the gift of creation, the gift of His son, and the gift of a relationship with Him. This is as well as the gifts that He gives us every day. I guess the question is… do we notice them?

Every week at our Church we have a section of the service we call Moment of the Week, an opportunity to share the good things that have happened during our week and to thank God for them. These range from a favourite meal, a good day at school, to hearing from God, and answers to prayer. By having this time in the Service it reminds us to look out for the good that God is doing in the every day.

To get remotely close to God, or even to be able to enter the Sacred space you used to have make sacrifices, and follow certain rules BUT THEN the most generous gift of all… God came to earth in the person of Jesus, who was Crucified for us, and then raised from the dead so that all of humanity could be saved. There is no longer any need for us to go through any processes, but what is the use of a gift if you aren’t able to enjoy it?

God is generous beyond comparison, and gives us never ending love. By receiving the love of God, and recognising the sacrifice that Jesus made it can transform our lives, however, like in the supermarket, we have to empty our hearts of all the other stuff, and focus on the thing we need to be able to receive the love.

Challenge: What is filling up your heart, and stopping you from receiving God’s generous love?

Prayer: Thank you God that you are a generous God, help us to be open to your generosity, and to share that with others. Amen

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