Return to Me

I always remember our family holidays and being amazed that my mum would always know where we were driving, even though we didn’t live there. I also remember many guide DofE walks we did and got lost on. I have just got back from a few days in Birmingham and just before we left I saw my mum planning a journey that she was about to take to Leicester (from Birmingham) – I know now that this is how she used to spend the evenings in the tent when we were younger after my brother and I had gone to bed!

How many journeys have you been on? How many times have you got lost? When you’ve got lost have you ended up in the correct place eventually?

We are about to start the season of Lent, a season of the Church calendar that leads up to Easter and that the Church of England this year are referring to as a pilgrimage. A pilgrimage being a religious journey, with the aim of developing faith and growing closer to God. We too will be using this term to journey to God, learning about God and our relationship with Him.

At Easter we celebrate Jesus dying on the cross so that we can be in relationship with him, however that journey is going to be different for different people, and as our thought for the week from Max Lucado says

“God never said the journey would be easy, but He did say the arrival would be worthwhile.”

We can’t get where we want to go unless we go on a journey, we can’t go on a journey unless we make a start. Lent gives us the opportunity to think about where we want to go, what we might need to do to start the journey to reach our destination and to actually make that start. As long as we are ready for the journey to not be exactly what we want or expect then it’s an exciting adventure we are called to be part of, which will help us return to God who is calling us!

I pray that you enjoy your journey this Lent… no matter where it takes you! AMEN

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