I got two A grades in art at school – in case you only know the current grading that was the top mark. So in the three years that I had to do art I only ever got two top marks. I still remember them, the first one was for a piece of work I had to do using a compass – therefore not a great amount of my own creativity, just being able to change the size of the compass and make it symmetrical. The second one was for a model of a gargoyle – and of course the purpose of a gargoyle is to be scare people off, and therefore to be ugly. So I think it is fair to say that art is not my strong point.

Similar when it comes to sewing, or performing music, I’m not great at creating my own designs or songs but I can follow a pattern, or a sheet of music. Does that matter though? Does it make a difference? Our thought for the week this week says

“When human beings, as creations of God, create or encounter the creativity of others, something full circle happens.”

This would suggest that the creation itself is what is important, and how we encounter that. It may be that we are the ones creating from scratch, or copying, or just observing and appreciating – but still there is an encounter of the creation. We can create because we were created in the first place, the joy of creation is that no one person will create in the same way, we won’t encounter the creation in the same way. Similarly, as creations we reflect our creator, but we are all different.

Last week our bible verse spoke of the natural world that showed God’s glory, similarly in our verse this week we see God’s wisdom and creativity in the world. Psalm 104:24 says

“How many are your works, LORD! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.”

For those who believe in a creator God they literally see that creation all around them, and recognise that creativity in themselves. What creativity is in you?

Challenge: where are you normally in the circle of creativity? Could you try something different this week?

Prayer: father God thank you that you created us, and that you made us to be creative. Help us to appreciate your creation and the creation of others Amen.

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