This half term we are looking at the concept of stewardship – looking after God’s planet – and why it’s important. The themes and thoughts for the term have been put together by our environmental group along with Mrs Muller.

This week we are considering the concept of creation. The Bible starts with the sentence “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. Although there may be a variety of different ways of looking at the creation story within Genesis (which we’re not going to go in to now) but all Christians agree that God created the world.

I feel very privileged to live so close to the sea, but also so close to the country, although even growing up, yes I was in a big city in the middle of the country (Birmingham) but we had a huge country park just behind our house. I love nature, and I have to say that agree with Dante Algheiri from whom we get our thought for the week who says “Nature is the art of God”.

Have you ever had those moments when you have just had to stop in your tracks because the natural world surrounding you is just so amazing? It may be that it is completely beautiful and stunning, or it may be the way in which the natural world works.

Think about it, we need oxygen to survive, and we breathe out Carbon dioxide. Trees and plants require Carbon dioxide and give off Oxygen.

People have so many arguments about how the universe came in to being, that it takes us away from experiencing and appreciating the creation around us. The creation that each and everyone of us is a part of. Does it really matter exactly how the universe came in to existence? Or should we just focus on the belief that God created this world that we are a part of, that is amazing in so many ways. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at some of the ways in which it is amazing, but also the role that we have to play in looking after that creation as well.

Prayer: Father God, thank you for creating this beautiful world that we are a part of. Help us to appreciate it more, and to see your beauty in each and every thing. Amen.

Challenge: Take time to look around you and appreciate the natural world this week

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