What do you associate with the word peace? For some of us we are going to link it with the idea of quiet – we might refer to something as ‘peaceful’ if there wasn’t much noise. We may associate it with war, or should I say no war, after all a definition of peace is lack of conflict. But what do we mean when we say that peace was something we received with the resurrection?

Our quote this week comes from Paul Chappell who has ‘because of the empty tomb, we have peace. Because of His resurrection, we can have peace during even the most troubling of times.’ And our bible verse is from a week after Jesus first appeared to his disciples following the resurrection, they are gathered together behind closed doors and he appears saying ‘peace be with you’ is this peace talking about a lack of noise or a lack of conflict? No. It’s talking about the peace of Fo – which, to be fair the Bible does say passes all understanding but let’s give it a go.

The peace of God is a state of tranquility which transcends circumstances. Even if we are feeling troubled, or anxious, then God’s peace can bring calm upon us. Why? Paul Chappell continues in his quote ‘because we know He is in control of all that happens. We live in a world where bad things happen and will happen, and although we can ask for them to be taken away if we pray for God’s peace then we will be almost in a sense of calm throughout it all.

If we look at the examples of Jesus he knew he was going to be arrested and tried and crucified. Before all of this happened he did go to pray to the Father to take the cup away. As he wen through the arrest, trial and crucifixion at no are we told of him getting upset or angry, but it is almost as if he was a visible sign of peace.

When Jesus said to the disciples peace be with you, he will have known the mix of emotions that would have been going through them at that time, anxiety, upset, scared, overwhelmed. He would know that they would need to know God’s peace.

The peace of God is readily accessible to us now, because of the crucifixion and resurrection, but it is something that grows within us the more we draw close to God. Maybe if each of us were to experience the peace of God it would and there would no longer be conflict around the world? So that is your challenge this week:

Challenge: what areas in your life do you think would benefit from a sense of peace? How can you bring peace in to them? Are there situations in the community or wider world that would also benefit from God’s peace?

Prayer: father God we thank you that you are peace and that allow us to experience peace. Help us to experience peace and to bring peace into the world. Amen

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