On Thursday I had a seizure where I landed face first. This has resulted in numerous cuts and scabs all over my face. Not only has it made me look pretty horrific, but I am also very aware of how I normally respond to scabs. I’m a scab picker, I always have been, but I know that this time I need to use the thought for the week ‘patience’! Edmund Burke says ‘Our patience will achieve more than our force’ which is definitely the case with scabs! By leaving scabs alone they will heal up and disappear without scars whereas with picking it can make them worse.

Patience is definitely not something that comes easily to me, and yet I always appreciate things more when I’ve had to wait for them or work for them. The bible verse this week is from proverbs 14:29 saying “whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered displays folly”. That suggests that patience is something that benefits us, and enables us whereas without patience we are quick-tempered and can make mistakes.

The lent challenge for this week is to do something that you found hard last time. How many times have you just given up after giving it a go once and struggling? Patience encourages us to keep trying, even when we think we’ve failed at something. What is there that you have tried, and struggled with, that you gave up on? What could you give another go, what could patience help you with?

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