Do you worry about what you have, or what you don’t have?

Are you quite possessive or overprotective of things that you have?

What is your greatest skill? What do you do with that skill?

Our thought for the week this week comes from Albert Wells who says “sharing what you have is mor important than what you have”. I love this quote. It really challenged me on whether I focus more on worrying about what I have and being possessive over it or whether I share what I have with others. If I’m completely honest… I think it’s a mixture and probably depends on what the thing is.

Sometimes we can argue that we don’t have much in the first place so how can we possibly share it? But there are plenty of examples within the Bible of those who were blessed more because they gave the little they had. There’s the examples of the widow who only gave a couple of coins, but Jesus said she had actually given more because she’d shared all that she had, whereas people who gave more money it was only a small percentage of what they had. Then there is the Bible story which was linked with the Bible story for this week. A crowd had gathered to listen to Jesus teaching, but it was getting late and everyone was getting hungry but they were far away from any towns. However a young boy came up to Jesus and gave him the food he had, which was 5 loaves and two fish which may not seem much, especially when there are 5000 people there but Jesus was able to use what the boy had given to be able to feed everyone. I’m not going to fully go into the theology of it all here, but it has been suggested that it might not have been that Jesus turned that small amount in to a banquet, but that the crowd saw the boy was willing to share, so they got out their food to share as well – possibly the first bring and share meal!

No matter how we interpret it, the important point is that the boy may not have thought it was much but the boy was willing to share it, and Jesus was able to use it. We may not think that we have much, but if we are willing to share what we have then who knows what Jesus can do with It!

At the beginning of the blog I asked what your greatest skill is, and the reason I asked is because it’s not just possessions we can share but we can share our skills and our talents. We may not think they are much, we may try to hide them, we may get embarrassed, we may think we have worked so hard at them why should we share them with others; but once again by having that willingness to share, who knows what impact we can have, and how God can use us.

The final thing I want you to think about sharing is time. Time is something we can get overprotective about, and yet can be such a blessing to others. There are quite a few examples in the Gospels where Jesus is seemingly trying to get away and get some space for himself or with his disciples and people follow him. He never sends them away, but shares his time, shares his wisdom, shares his power. How do you use your time? Are you willing to share it to bless others?

So I guess the big question to ask yourself today is…. Are you willing to share? Whether that is possessions, skills, or time. Are you willing to share?

Prayer: father God thank you that you were willing to share your son and your Spirit to bless us. Thank you for the example of Jesus who shared his love, his power, and his time with so many people. May we learn from that example, help us to see what our skills are and how we can share them; opportunities to be able to share our possessions; and when we have time that we can share with others to be a blessing. Amen

Challenge: it’s a strange one this week – share your best joke!

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