Think back over the last week. How often have you relied upon someone else, worked with someone else, helped out someone else? I imagine that’s going to be most, if not all, of you quite often? Cooperation, is our theme this week, and an essential part of all of our lives. We probably all have times when we dream of solitude, independence and just a bit of ‘me’ time but let’s face it, none of us would be where are today if it wasn’t for other people. Whether that’s family, teachers, friends, others play a fundamental part in helping us to become who we are.

I am writing this on Mother’s Day which seems quite appropriate, as we will all have someone who has been that role of mum in our lives, who may have asked us to do things we didn’t want to do, but actually through cooperation led to success.

Helen Keller gives us our thought for the week, which says “alone we can do so little…together we can do so much”. Helen Keller, being deaf and blind, is going to have had to rely on, work with, cooperate with so many people just to get through day to day life, that she really will have understood the importance of cooperation. Our Bible story today really demonstrates the need for cooperation as well. It’s from the second chapter of Mark and tells the story of a man who was completely paralysed. His friends heard that Jesus was in the town and they believed that Jesus would be able to heal him so they wanted to take him. Unfortunately Jesus was surrounded by a crowd so they couldn’t get anywhere near him, so… they put him on a mat climbed up to the roof, and lowered him through the roof. Jesus healed him and the man walked out. Cooperation was essentially, between friends, as well as with Jesus. If it hadn’t been for people working together, the man would not have been healed.

Other people make life so much more interesting, after all we are all different, we all bring different things to the mix. Others help us to see things in a different way. We see this example with God. On Thursday and Friday I was teaching my year 10 group and we were looking at the Trinity and Creation. God could have just done it all as one, but chose to be in relationship, the relationship of Father, Son, Spirit. We see that relationship, and try to reflect that in our lives.

Prayer: thank you for creating us all different so that we need to work with each other. Thank you for showing us how to work in relationship with each other. We pray that we can see how we can cooperate with others each day. Amen

Challenge: look after someone else today.

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