Being Grateful

Are you a person who gives thanks? I always used to think my mum was saying hello to people when she was driving a car until I found out that raising a hand to another driver was a way of saying thank you. My parents would always say thank you as they were getting off the bus, and I still do that now. I tend to say thank you quite a lot, for big things but also for the smallest of things. I know how much, as a teacher, I appreciate it when pupils thank me for taking their lesson! In case you hadn’t worked it out our action this week for Lent, is being grateful. The Bible story used to illustrate this action is of Jesus healing the ten men from leprosy. One of the men, a Samaritan, when he saw that he was healed, came back praising God and throwing himself at Jesus’ feet thanking him. Jesus asked whether the others were cleansed and where they were. Why was it only the foreigner (a Samaritan) that came back praising God?

William Arthur Ward says ‘feeling grateful and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it’ I think the important bit to note is this quote is talking about what to do if you feel grateful. We have possibly all been in that position where we have said thank you because we felt we HAD to, even if we didn’t particularly feel overly grateful. But this is talking about IF we feel grateful, then we must express it. It is important that we show our thanks, for us but also for the people we are thanking. To them it shows an appreciation for the effort they have put in to whatever we are thanking them for, but may also mean that they are encouraged to do a similar act again.

Thankfulness is something so simple to do, and yet can be amazingly powerful. So… this week why don’t you make a special effort to ensure that if someone does something, you say thank you. You may also want to spend some time thanking God for what He has done for you.

Challenge: thank people who do something for you

Prayer: thank you God that you chose to create this world, that you chose to allow humans to have a relationship with you. Help us to be more thankful in our every day loves. Amen

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