God our Rock

Everything seems to have been a bit on the uneven side of late, and I have to admit I’m not quite sure what’s going on or how we’re going to make it through. This is where we are grateful for the characteristic of God that we are looking at this week, and that is that God is our rock.

What does a rock suggest to you? In the book of Isaiah the idea of a rock has numerous ideas attached to it, in clouding creating walls, lasting forever, having the strength to level things to the ground.

A rock is something that can and should be relied on, and that is what we are told we can do with our God, our rock of ages. A rock is something that doesn’t change quickly, therefore we can rest upon it and it can provide a foundation for us, when things seem a bit shaky.

Gandhi was famed for protesting using non-violence and our thought for the week comes from him talking about the role that God the rock plays in us being able to use non-violence. He says “The Spirit of non-violence necessarily leads to humility. Non-violence means reliance on God, the rock of ages. If we would seek his aid, we must approach him with a humble heart.”

Gandhi talks about a reliance upon a rock of ages. I’ve spoken to a few pupils recently who seem to think that asking for help, relying on people is a sign of weakness, and yet actually is it not more a sign of strength, to put reliance upon something else because you are no longer sure that you can do it for yourself, by yourself, but you need something else.

When we looked at the worship that we sing, we looked at the song ‘cornerstone’ which tells us about Jesus being the one that keeps us steady, that is our foundation. In order to do that it is essential that God is likened to a substance that is tough, such as a rock.

Prayer: father God we thank you that you are the rock on which we can stand, that you provide stability for us, that you do not change. Amen

Challenge: look through for biblical promises that provide stability for you

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