God the Son


I’m watching a programme at the moment where the children in the town are a bit lost because many of their father’s were miners, and were unfortunately killed in an accident. They live in a society where you are supposed to follow the profession of your father, so now they have no father’s, and their dad’s were killed by the profession, so they are a little bit lost. The boys will have grown up knowing they were going to be miners, and the girls probably growing up knowing they would be married to miners.

This is a tradition that we seem to have lost now, following in the family business. It just so happens that my mum was a teacher, and I am a teacher – although that was my choice. My dad worked in book-keeping, and my brother… well… I’m not entirely sure what he does but it’s not book-keeping. We tend to be encouraged to follow our dreams, and not automatically follow the family line.

However, this concept of family business, is quite an important one for today’s theme. We are continuing to look at the nature of God, the different characteristics that make up the God that we worship. This week we are looking at God the Son. The part of the trinity that we most commonly know as Jesus. The incarnation, when God became man. Through the incarnation we were able to see the perfect example of how we should live, we continue to read the examples of miracles he performed, stories he told, friendships he formed.

Why did God do this? Why would God choose to leave heaven and become a human? One of my favourite authors puts it beautifully

The son of God became a man to enable men to become sons of God

In the first chapter of the Gospel of Mark, Jesus calls his disciples, the chosen ones to live most closely to him. James and John were fishermen, they were in their father’s boat, Jesus called them. They left their nets and they followed him.

To say they left their nets doesn’t sound too horrific, but what that means is that they left their livelihood, everything they had ever known, what they had spent their lives training for. They didn’t know what following the call would lead to, but they knew they had to follow it.

People think that God the Son was only with us for 33 years, and yet the Bible tells us that God the Trinity were together from the beginning, and are still together now. Those 33 years are just when God was in physical form, as a human. Going through the same struggles as us. Giving us the guidance of how to pray, how to treat people, how to cope with struggles.

Jesus continues to call us today.

We may not be called away from a family profession, but we may be called away from habits, media, friends, distractions, any thing that may take us away from following the example of Jesus, and worshipping God.

Prayer: We thank you that came as Jesus to be our example. May we listen to your call on our lives, and what you want us to do and where you want us to do it. Amen

Challenge: What things could you step away from that distract you from the call of the son?


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