Be thou my vision

The thing I love about school life is the amount of fresh starts. We are at the ultimate of fresh starts now as we start the new school year, but each term we can start afresh and even each lesson. Quite often we say we’d like a fresh start we are possibly asking other people to forget things we may have done which we shouldn’t have, to clean the slate… however… there is no point in that fresh start if we don’t change the way we are doing things and change our attitude as well.

The first hymn that we are going to be looking at as part of our season of worship is Be thou my vision I told the pupils in full school worship on Friday that this was the hymn that me and my husband had at the end of our wedding ceremony, and it continues to be a favourite of mine. We often have it at the end of services that we have at school. Why? Because essentially it talks about our life being guided by God. It is a prayer asking that God be at the centre of our entire lives.

Be my vision; be all to me; be my best thought at day night, be my wisdom, always with me, my shield, my sword, my strong tower… the list goes on and on… but if I’m honest I’m just sitting here singing it feather writing the blog!

It is sometimes easy to think that God is limited to a building or a service and that we don’t have to think about him at any other time, and yet God is everywhere all the time and is a part of every aspect of our life, should we choose to let Him.

When I was looking at the scripture that this song is based on I was inundated with verses because this song is full of scriptural references but I actually chose Jeremiah 9:23-24 which may seem a bit odd on first reading, but I chose it because the passage is talking about the fact that we shouldn’t boast in what we’ve done but recognise God’s part in it and give him the glory for it. It’s been a great start back to term for me, and it would be easy to say that that’s because of my new awesome stationary and my amazing skills, but actually I should be thanking God for giving me the strength, the vision for the year ahead, and providing support around me.

Rend collective have produced a new version of this song entitled You are my vision which I like because it is a declaration – saying that God is at the centre of their lives. However, I think the original is good as a reminder that it is a prayer to be prayed to askGod to be the centre in all aspects.

Challenge: what is your vision for the year? Is God at the centre of that vision? How might it change if He were?

Prayer: Be thou my vision oh Lord of my heart, be all else but naught to me save that thou art. Be thou my best thought in the day or the night, both waking and sleeping presence my light. Amen

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