Why we worship

Welcome to a new academic year, I hope you had a great rest over the summer holidays with loads and loads of fun. This term we are going to be looking at a particular type of worship that we participate regularly in at Archbishop’s and that is sung worship. Each week we are going to look at a different hymn that is on our worship sheet, and look at the meaning behind the words that we are singing. But we are going to start off with a bit of an introduction as to why we worship in the first place.

A few years ago my husband and I were spending Christmas in Birmingham, with my parents. On Christmas Day we didn’t go to the church that I had always gone to and which my mum still goes to, instead we went to a church I’ve never been to. Why? Because at my mums church there weren’t going to be any hymns, and we couldn’t quite cope with a service on Christmas Day when we weren’t singing Hark the Herald or O come all ye faithful. For me and my mum singing was a necessary part of our Christmas celebrations.

Singing is by no means the only form of worship but it is one that most of us recognise as worship and will be our focus for this term. But why do we worship? Why do we sing?

Our thought for the week comes from Louie Guiglio who says “worship is giving God his breath back”. I love this quote. Essentially worship is acknowledging what God has given us and thanking Him for it. The book of Genesis tells us that God chose to create a good and beautiful world, he chose to create humans, he chose to breathe life in to us and for me that is something to be thankful for. The word worship means to give someone their worth, and that is what we are doing by joining together. God is worth us taking our time to stop and to focus on Him and to thank Him for all that he has done.

Songs have always been a route for people to express things others that they couldn’t necessarily say in person. How many of you remember the exact words that were spoken in an assembly or a speech from an MP? How many of you are able to sing at least a chorus from a song, any song? Musical worship is able to express what we couldn’t necessarily say for ourselves, the people who write it are writing truths about the God they worship, and are enabling those of us to sing those praises and declare those truths for ourselves.

For many people singing is a fundamental part of their worship. They may not agree on the type of worship they enjoy, but they agree that sung worship is necessary. It helps us to learn about God, it gives words when we can’t find any sufficient, and it brings together a collection of people. Singing is good for health and well being anyway, sung worship helps with our spiritual well being as well. So let’s sing

Challenge What is your favourite worship song? What spiritual truths are declared through that song? Is it based on the Bible?

Prayer Thank you God that you created the world we live, you created us and you breathed life in to us. Help us to give you your worth in our worship. Amen

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