What are you passionate about? 

One thing I’ve always loved about The Archbishop’s school is the willingness to want to raise money for charity. The charity events that are most successful are the ones where pupils have chosen the charity because it means something to them. The passion that they have for the charity, the personal story that they are willing to share empassions everyone else. The individuals put more in to the organising and advertising and this pays off. 

Earlier in the year we were visited by Emily who came to speak to us about her charity Khushi feet which raises money to give education to children in India. She had visited India and was deeply affected by what she witnessed. She felt that she needed to act, to make a difference. 

She was passionate about these children having an education, this passion came across as she spoke to the school, and the CU have already decided that they want to raise money to support Khushi Feet. 

In case you hadn’t guessed the Spiritual discipline that we are considering this week is charity. 

Many of us may give money to charity but is that what we are talking about in terms of a spiritual discipline? I’m not sure. 

Aquinas describes it as the friendship of man for God… it extends not only to the love of God but also to love of neighbour. 

The way I read this is that if we love God and we experience the love of God then that will extend to how we act towards our neighbours. Just to clarify, our neighbour are our fellow humans. The love of God and for God will be our passion that we will then want to share. 

Charity doesn’t have to be giving money, it doesn’t have to involve a cake sale or a non-uniform day. But it does have to evolve out of love. 

Loretta Scott said

“We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone”

We all have the capacity to show charity, it doesn’t have to be extravagant and elaborate but it will normally involve sacrifice on your part. Whether it is giving up money, or time, or practical help.

What are you passionate about?

Is there an issue on you heart that you, like Emily, think, I want to do something about? Think about that, focus on that, how can you show Gods love in that situation? How can you demonstrate Gods love? 

Prayer: father God we thank you that you first loved us that we may now love others. Help us to know what issues we can make a difference to and how we can sacrifice ourselves to help others Amen

Challenge: think about what you are passionate about and work out how you can show love in that situation. 

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