King of Kings

11061716505_d0cd855dbc_zWhat would you do if the Queen suddenly turned up at your door? Would you invite her in? Would you kick stuff out of the way? Is your home suitable for the queen?

There has been a lot of outrage and discussion on social media over the weekend about Buckingham Palace, and the fact that it is going to be redecorated. I’m not going to get into the politics of that now, as I don’t want to offend anyone or cause upset. BUT… when we think of a King or Queen we probably automatically have an idea of the kind of place they will live in… A palace… A castle… Hundreds of rooms, filled with beautiful and historical artefacts. Afterall, they are in charge, they deserve to have the best.

As we continue to look at the idea of a King, and our King arriving in a few weeks time, we continue to question what kind of a King we are expecting.

Sunday 20th November was Christ the King Sunday, according to the liturgical calendar, so it felt only right this week to consider Jesus as the King of Kings. There is a story in Luke’s Gospel entitled ‘The Faith of the Centurion’. This is the story of a Roman Centurion, whose servant was sick and about to die. He had heard about Jesus, and sent servants to ask him to come.

A centurion was a Roman Leader, in charge of 100 soldiers. He knew what it was to be in charge, but even he, a leader, knew that he needed Jesus in this situation. He even said to Jesus “I am not worthy, but say the word and my servant will be healed”. Jesus wasn’t even within the same leadership, he was a Jew whilst the Centurion was a Roman, and still he went to him.

I think we all have a sense of self-importance at times, but actually the best leaders recognise they can’t do it on their own, but they need to seek help. This may be from others around them, it might be from God.

Our own Queen recognises that she cannot do her job alone, she says “In my first Christmas broadcast in 1952, I asked the people of the Commonwealth and Empire to pray for me as I prepared to dedicate myself to their service at my Coronation. I have been – and remain – very grateful to you for your prayers and to God for His steadfast love. I have indeed seen His faithfulness”. Jesus is the King of Kings and yet…

The thought for the week is a line from a song, and it says “King of Kings, Majesty, God of Heaven, living in me”. In a few weeks time we will be celebrating Jesus’ birth. God, becoming human, being born in a stable, living amongst ordinary people. Then… when he dies for us, and is risen, he returns to heaven, but God sends the spirit to live in us.

This God, who is King of Kings, who world leaders bow down to, is living in us. At the beginning I asked you what you would do if the Queen turned up to your house. The thing is God is living in each and everyone of us. Not with us, but in us, our bodies are a temple. When you put it like that it is quite daunting and makes me stop and think.

When people look at me do they think that God is within me?

Prayer: Thank you God that you chose to come and live amongst us, and that you continue to do so. Thank you for those world leaders who do recognise you, and walk hand in hand with you whilst they rule. We pray that we may recognise your reign in us, and reflect that to the world around us?

Challenge: How can you show that Christ is living in you? How can you welcome Christ as King?

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