King of Sacrifice


This week we continue to look forward to the coming of Jesus, as the king. This week, we are focusing on the idea of Jesus as the King of sacrifice.

On Friday it is Remembrance Day, a day where we remember all those who have given their lives in war, in order that we may have the freedom that we have today. The thought for the week is from John Maxwell Edmonds and it says

“When you go home tell them of us and say “for your tomorrow we gave our today””

What a powerful message, the greatest idea of sacrifice, giving a life for the lives of others. I have the discussion about war with many of my classes, talking about whether it is a good or a bad thing. I’m not sure anyone would any it is a good thing, but sometimes it is possible to see that it is a necessity. How can it be necessary? To stop atrocities that are happening in other places, where people’s human rights are being taken away from them. Things that we take for granted… education, food, freedom. The universal declaration of human rights came out as a result of the Second World War, in order that hopefully no humans would ever be treated in the same way that the Jews, and many other groups, were during the holocaust.

Christians believe that Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice, he had done nothing wrong, and yet he gave his life, in a most brutal way, in order that all may have a relationship with God, and that all may have eternal life.

Sacrifice… the idea of sacrifice in war, and the acrid ice of Jesus, are pretty big examples of sacrifice. It is very easy for us to think that there is no way we could ever give that kind of sacrifice. But we can take these examples to encourage us to sacrifice on a daily basis. Sharing your lunch because someone has forgotten theirs; stopping to check if someone is ok because they look upset, even if you are in a rush; offering to help carry something, even though it’s out of your way; some of your pocket money to buy a poppy.

Sacrifice doesn’t have to be an entire life, but it should have an impact on your life. You may only think about what you are giving up, but think about how what you are giving up is giving an element of life to someone else.

Prayer: Thank you God that you gave the perfect example of sacrifice in Jesus. Thank you for the people who have given their lives in order that we may have the life we know today. May we be willing to sacrifice things in our lives, to enhance the lives of others. Amen

Challenge: Think about what you can do this week that may ‘put you out’ but will benefit others.

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