King of Creation

I must apologise now as I am about to mention a word hitch brings excitement and dread, and probably shouldn’t be mentioned for a few more weeks but… as we approach Christmas, we are going to be considering the theme The king is coming. Jesus is often spoken about as a king, but not the kind of king we automatically think of. Over the next few weeks we are going to explore what we mean when we say Jesus is king, but also, how we can respond to that.

Our first idea is Jesus as King of creation. At university I studied Johns gospel, for those of you who have t read Johns Gospel I would recommend it, it is not like the other Gospels, there is a lot of symbolism and signs within it. It doesn’t start off with the traditional nativity story but talks about the word. We are told that in the beginning was the word, then skip forward a few sentences and the word became flesh and dwelt among us – John wrote it much better. The word is Jesus, Jesus has always existed. Jesus was there before time, with God, Jesus is God, Jesus then became flesh and came to earth, before returning to the father.

We don’t often associate Jesus with creation but he was there, he was a part of it, some have said that The father spoke the words, but Jesus was the words. Christians believe that God created the world, there may be disagreements about exactly how that happened, but there is the belief that God was there, and involved.

I don’t know about you, but I find that if someone has given me something that they have made, I am more likely to take much greater care of it, than if I just bought it from a shop. I don’t have children but I still have lots of pictures around my house drawn by children of friends or family. That is also the same with gifts that I have been given. I take more care of it.

However, I’m not sure my attitude to the world is the same? And yet, it was created… it was freely given… also God put humans in charge of it! I love this quote from Mary Angelou

“While I know myself as a creation of God, I am also obligated to realise and remember that everyone else and everything else are also Gods creation”

It is very easy for us to think of ourselves as Gods creation, but it is sometimes more difficult to think about other things and especially other people as Gods creation. Mary Angelou says that we are obligated to remember it. That suggests it isn’t our choice whether we want to recognise God’s creation, but that we should.

How does that live out in our lives?

Simple things such as not dropping litter, but also picking up litter that others have dropped. Treating other people the way you expect to be treated – not just your friends, but everyone. Thinking about recycling, encouraging others to do so as well. Thinking about people across the world who do not have as much as you, how can you help them?

Jesus is the king of creation, but he’s handed the baton of responsibility to us. How are we going to use that? Are we just going to look at the baton and think at that’s nice, or are we going to run with it, and pass on a more hopeful race.

Prayer: thank you God for your gift of creation, we pray that we recognise it is a gift, and treat it as such. We pray that E don’t only think of ourselves as your creation but recognise your creation all around us. Amen

Challenge: look for Gods creation around you, look for things which are ruining that creation and ry to make a difference. E.g. Pick up litter, say hello to someone who looks lonely, think anything it how much you are recycling or wasting

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