Living Life in SERVICE


The school’s motto is…


Service has played a huge part in the life of the school, whether that is helping out each other on a daily basis, opening doors, carrying books, helping someone who is upset. But also in serving the larger community and the world as well. Just last week some of our sixthformers went to the hospital to act out scenarios for GP training; we also had a group of year 8 students putting on a cake sale to raise money for Macmillian Cancer care. We are a caring community.

However, I don’t know about you, but sometimes I wonder what is it that I can give. If someone is asking for help, I think “well I couldn’t do that, so I’m going to look somewhere else, and hope that they don’t ask me directly”. We can think that we don’t have anything to offer, so we hide away.

The parable this week is the Parable of the Talents, where different servants are given different amounts of money to look after whilst their boss goes away. Two of them double the amount of money, whereas the one who is given the least, buries it and then gives it back.

I have just got back from a harvest service at church. Harvest is a time when we give thanks for the produce of the land, and often a time where we make donations to give to others who are more in need. I always get amazed at these services because you look at what you’ve bought and maybe think ‘that’s not much, what difference is it going to make?’ but then when everybody brings forward their gifts, there is an overwhelming amount.

We have all been given different gifts by God, some of us are good at writing; others telling jokes; running; music; art… I’m not going to list any more in case I offend somebody by not listing their talent! The question is, how can that skill benefit other people? The cake sale that took place on Friday, was organised by some girls in year 8, they would have done a great job by themselves, but they used their skills of organisation and persuasion to get a load of teachers to donate cakes as well. This meant that were able to raise more money. The cake sale would not have been beneficial if it didn’t have cakes, but it would have been even worse, of there weren’t people to buy the cakes as well.

Jesus came to serve and not to be served. This is the example we should follow. We may not be able to do everything, but we should ask the question, what skills do we have, and how can those skills be used to serve other people – that may just be a parent or a friend, it may be a larger group of people. A gift or talent is much better if it is used, rather than hidden. By using your gifts/talents you may even encourage others to use theirs.

Imagine what a difference the school could make, if everyone used their gifts to serve others. WOW!

Challenge: Make a list of all the things you are good at. How can those things be used to serve others?

Prayer: Father God, thank you for giving us all gifts and talents, help us to recognise those gifts and how we can use those to bless others. Amen

One thought on “Living Life in SERVICE

  1. I came to the school on Monday for the “meet the tutors” evening, which I found really helpful. We were really early so Ethan and I stood out looking towards the Cathedral and the Marlowe and I took a moment and simply said “wow” Ethan said “yeah cool isn’t it”
    What lucky children having that inspirational view to look at every day. I took a picture and shared it on Facebook and said that it was Ethan’s view from school, 24 thumbs up and lots of comments about how wonderful the school was later I was and am so pleased that he loves it. Which leads to me seeing the ENTER TO LEARN GO FORTH TO SERVE, I said it out loud & Ethan remarked “yep that is our school motto, we both stood in silence for a few moments reflecting on what that meant. I wanted to share as the whole evening, the view, the words, the tutors, it was all very special.


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