New School. New Friends?


Hello, everybody!
I’m Masami and I’m in 8 Luke. Mrs Netherton has kindly let me write on this blog to share my thoughts! 🙂
A new academic year can be exciting, overwhelming and daunting – all at the same time. Through the year, almost everyone will experience some kind of struggle, especially in year 7. Although there were so many things I enjoyed in year 7, there were also many difficult times for me. I’d like to share my experience with you and hope that it will help you whether you are going through a hard time or not.
When I started year 7, I liked my form, I had lovely teachers and I enjoyed the lessons! However, at first I didn’t realise how challenging the transition from Primary to Secondary was going to be; finding the right friendship group that I could fit into was really hard.
Making a few friends wasn’t too difficult, in my situation. But finding a friendship group that I could spend lots of time with and be myself in that group was a struggle. I didn’t want to pretend to be who I wasn’t just to fit in. I didn’t feel like being with people who didn’t seem to be interested in talking to me. I wanted to enjoy my lunchtime, but I couldn’t. I love being with people and making friends but I always went for the easy option – going to the library, as it was too hard trying to find friends who I could feel myself with. I didn’t know what to do at lunchtimes.
When I was asked things like: “How is secondary school? Have you made lots of friends?” I always hesitated in my answer. I said, “yes”, and smiled because I had made some friends. Deep inside, I knew this wasn’t a confident answer – I hadn’t found the right friendship group and I hadn’t made a lot of friends. I felt that I was being judged by how many friends I made and that the more friends I had, the more successful I would be. I didn’t want it to be like that. Now I understand that when I was asked that question, people didn’t mean it in that way, it was just how I interpreted it.
The hardest times were in the first two terms and by the end of year 7, I had more friends and had a group of friends who I usually spent most of my lunchtimes with and I was a lot more positive about my friendships at school. However, my real turning point was through the summer holidays.
At the beginning of August, I went to a Christian youth camp called Newday. I learnt a lot there from all the seminars, talks, worship and even from all the fun time I spent with my church friends! I felt a lot closer to God and learnt to involve Him in every aspect of my life. My Christian faith had been just something I understood in my head, but now it is something that is truly in my heart.
This has given me so much more confidence in everything I do as I know that God is with me always. It changed me and my mindset towards the struggles I had faced. Now looking back on year 7, I can see a lot of things that I could have done differently. If I had got out of my comfort zone, I would have been able to speak to more people and get to know them, rather than trying to run away from the opportunities to do so. I should have looked out for more opportunities and I should have had more confidence in myself. However, I don’t regret having those struggles because I have learnt so much from them and can now share this with other people who might be going through a similar difficulty.
Prayer: Lord God, thank you so much that you are always with us and we can trust in you. Thank you for all the opportunities you give us! We pray that we will have confidence through difficult times and will put all our trust in you. Please be with everyone who is struggling with friendships.
Challenge: Whether you are going through a hard time or not, I’d love it if you joined me in this challenge to get out of your comfort zone and seize opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.

10 thoughts on “New School. New Friends?

  1. Dear Masami,
    What a mature and thoughtful blog this is. I am also starting in a new school but my journey is a continuation and has familiar aspects as I am a teacher. Like you, I had been nervous about meeting new staff, young people in my classes and learning new procedures but similarly to you I fully expect that in time I will be as comfortable as I have in previous schools. Clearly your conviction of beliefs has seen you grow spiritually, socially and judging by this blog, academically too.

    It is unusual for young people to be willing to express themselves through this medium but even more rare for it to have such clarity. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Mr Cracknell, for your kind words. I was so happy to have received such an encouraging message. I hope you will settle into teaching at a new school, soon. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your comment!
      Masami 🙂


  2. Thank you for sharing Masami. It is hard stepping out and being brave but our God knows that and will bless you for moving out of your comfort zone. Look to Him like you are doing and He will not fail you. God bless you.


  3. Wow, Masami, what an encouragement!! Well done for stepping out and being brave to share about your struggles but also about how God has brought you through then and also helped you to grow as a result. He is faithful! Rosie x


  4. Hi Masami
    My son Ethan (in Mark) started the same school a few weeks ago, he is loving his time so far, he has found the transition OK so far. I liked reading your words – how lovely to know someone like you is at the same school 🙂


  5. Hi Kara, thank you for your comment. 🙂 I’m glad your son has found the transition okay and is loving it so far! Thank you, that it lovely to hear and I’m happy that you liked reading this blog post. Masami xx


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