Month: July 2016

Take a break, have a…


We’ve made it! It’s been a long year, a busy year, a good year, but we have made it. That can mean only one thing, taking a break. We all need to have a rest, afterall, after God created the world we are told that he rested. What a great example to follow! The thought for the week comes from Anne Lamott who said…

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes … including you

A rest is necessary to enable us to regain energy and be fully functioning. If we just keep going at the same pace, eventually it will lead to a burnout.

I used to think that having a rest meant doing nothing, and would use that idea to justify lying on the sofa, watching tv, endless tv. But a rest doesn’t actually mean doing nothing, it just means taking a break. Afterall, there is that saying ‘a change is as good as a rest’ and I would agree with that. A rest for you may be sport, hanging out with friends, playing on the computer, sitting quietly listening to music. For Jewish people the sabbath is taken very seriously and no work should be done. Jesus got told off for picking corn on a sabbath day. His response was that it was needed. The sabbath isn’t about doing nothing, it is about enjoying and refreshing.

It doesn’t matter what you do to recharge, the important thing is that you do recharge. Take a break, have a rest, come back in September, fully replenished and ready to go.

Challenge: no challenge just rest

Prayer. Father God we thank you for your example of resting to enjoy your work. We pray that as we take a break from school, that we are able to enjoy our successes and refresh for the next academic year. Amen

One more step along the world I go…


With only two weeks to go we are rapidly approaching the end of the school year. This can often bring a variety of emotions: exhaustion after a long year of work; excitement about having 7 weeks off; but also anxiety for the year ahead. By the time you get to July you are used to the year group that you are in, and there can be a sense of the unknown ahead. Year 10 will be entering their final year of school, thinking about what they are going to be doing after. Year 9 will be entering their GCSE study. Year 8 will be having to think about what GCSEs they are going to take. Year 7 are no longer the youngest in the school. Then, of course there is the issue of “I’ve just remembered my timetable, and got used to my teachers and now…”
Change can be daunting and it can be exciting, but whatever way we look at it, we must accept it is necessary. The thought for the week is an anonymous quote which says
You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one
I’m part of a book group – it is actually a lot more fun that it sounds, and you are able to go even if you haven’t finished the book! This is often what I do but a miracle has happened recently and I have read the last two books. I’ve realised that I can read a book if it has short chapters. I don’t like to put a book down mid-chapter so I quite often don’t read if I know it is a long chapter because I’m worried I won’t finish it! The ironic thing is that I will quite often the read the same amount in lots of short chapters because I want to find out what happens next. I will admit that I’ve never done what a friend does, which is read the first and final chapters – I need to know it in its entirety and experience the journey.
Sometimes life can seem like that hard slog of a long chapter, it just never seems like it’s going to end. But when you make it to the end you’re not going to read it again, you are going to want to move on to the next chapter. You’re going to want to find out what happens next.
I get frustrated when it comes to TV shows that start with “previously in…” Just focus on the story at hand, if it’s a good programme we will be able to work out what has happened previously. Our lives are going to be impacted by what has happened before, that is inevitable. Thing is…. It’s happened, there is nothing that can be changed about that specific incident now. But you can take that experience to help you in your new chapter. You don’t need to keep reminding yourself of what was, but focus on what is, and what is to come.
This week is sports week at Archbishops, let’s think ant those sprinters on Friday, they need to be focused on the finish line, there is no point them looking at their starting point. This would be even worse for the hurdles – ouch! The Bible talks about not looking back but keeping your eyes on the goal. Having a focus.
Yes it is daunting when you are looking ahead and having to experience change, when you are moving on to the next chapter. But you need to look forward, focus on a goal, and use your experience and new experiences to help you get there. What’s exciting is that we we promised that God is with us every step of the way, through the high and the low, God is there.
Prayer: Thank you father that you are with us on this journey. We pray that we will look ahead with joy, to whatever lies ahead, using our experiences, but drawing strength from you especially when we are daunted. Amen
Challenge: think back over the last year (not necessarily just at school) what has gone well, what hasn’t been so great? What are your feelings about next year. What can you take from this year, to help you with the next part of the journey?