When I was thirsty…


I’ve never been a huge fan of water. I couldn’t understand why people would drink water, when they could drink squash. In fact, after I had my tonsils out, I had to stay in an extra night because my mum gave me Ribena to drink rather than water. At first I thought this was an over-exaggeration, until they explained that they weren’t able to tell if I was throwing up blood or Ribena!!!! At that point it was necessary that I drank water, I didn’t like it, I definitely preferred Ribena, but I had to drink water.

It is only in the last year that I have started to regularly drink water, and I am not really seen around school without my pink water bottle. In the staff room, the place I mainly reside is by the water cooler. What was the turning point? I’m competitive!!!!!! Last year I got myself a fitbit, and as well as counting steps, telling you how active you’ve been, how much sleep you’ve had, and most importantly how many calories you’ve burned off; it also measures how much water you’ve drunk – you have to tell it, but it tells you whether you’ve drank enough. What has this got to do with being competitive? I like to get a green water bottle!!!!! When I first started, I couldn’t believe how much I was meant to drink. But I have to admit, I have felt so much better since I have started to drink water. I’m still rubbish at drinking water when I’m not at school. But I am drinking a lot of water every day and feeling better for it.

Water is a necessity in life. It makes up the majority of our body. It makes up the majority of the Earth’s surface. It is essential for growth. Yet do we appreciate it? As with so many things, we don’t appreciate it, until we no longer have it. We have Muslim pupils at the school who are currently observing Ramadan, and are not drinking water in daylight hours – I know that they appreciate water.

There are scary statistics about the world and the amount of people who do not have access to clean water. We take it for granted. I know that I can be a bit of a water snob –  I’m not a fan of drinking water from a tap, I prefer it to be cold and filtered. I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t care, if that was the only water I had access to.

The thought for the week comes from an ancient Greek Sophocles who said

If you were to offer a thirsty man all wisdom, you would not please him more than if you gave him a drink.

What do we want? What do we need? Do we give people what they need, or do we give them what we want to give them. There are many verses in the Bible which talk about water, we are told that Jesus gives us the water of life. There is a Psalm which says “As the Deer pants for the water so my soul longs after you”. This is referring to our necessity for God in our lives. This is true, but the thought for the week challenges us… Do we focus on telling people about God, and what God can do in their lives? Or do we look for what people need, and provide help, showing what God can do in their lives?

Think about those statistics of people in the world who do not have access to clean water, who have to travel miles in order to get any water to drink. What would make a bigger difference? Telling them that God is good, or giving them some water?

Worldwide Challenge: Find out about charities that provide water for those who do not have access. Is there anything you could do to raise awareness, or raise money to support that work?

Personal Challenge: Have a think about those you spend time with. Is there something that someone needs that you could provide and show God’s love for them? A listening ear? A cup of tea?

Prayer: We thank you God that you are the living water. That you provide for our needs. We pray that we will be able to see the needs of others to be able to show your love to them. Amen

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