When I was hungry, you fed me


I’ve just been on holiday to Scotland with friends, and there was one phrase which I heard more than any other… “I’m hungry, I’m just so hungry” this came not from one of my friends but from her 6 year old son! He was always hungry, and yet when he was offered a rice cake, or fruit, or an oatcake, he wasn’t THAT hungry after all – shocking!

This week we start looking at acts of mercy, those suggested by Jesus in the parable of the sheep and the goats. Given at a time when people felt that following God was about saying certain things, doing certain things, and yet Jesus tells them it’s about showing mercy to others.

 Jesus says ‘when I was hungry you fed me’ with all of these acts of mercy that we will be looking at over the coming weeks, Jesus makes it very clear that what we do for others we do for him. This is quite a powerful idea.

I often think that we don’t really know what it is to be hungry, not to be properly hungry. If my friends son had actually been hungry, then he would have quite happily eaten the rice cake, oat cake, fruit. He had the option to choose not to eat those things, and to hold out for the chocolate, sweets or ice cream.

Unfortunately there are many in this world who do not have that option, who are starving, who will eat anything that can to try and get some nutrition. There are people in this area as well.

But what can we do?

Our quote this week comes from Mother Theresa who says

If you can’t feed a hundred People , then feed just one.

 It is difficult to know what to do or how to help, afterall, you wouldn’t want to go up to somebody and just say “would you like some food, you look hungry”

But there are organisations who can do this, who help those who need help. At school we have a yellow bin which supports Foodbank, an organisation that provides food parcels for this who need them. They also work with those Pepe, so that they won’t need food parcels again. By giving to Foodbank and to other charities, you may not physically be feeding someone else, but you are feeding the hungry.

Prayer- father God we thank you that provide for us, that you give us, our daily bread. We pray that you will help us to provide for other people, and show love to them through acts of mercy. Amen

Challenge: find out what can be donated to Canterbury Foodbank and make a donation this week. Encourage others to do the same.

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