Which path do I take?


Choices choices choices. On Saturday I said to a friend “make the decision for me, I have no capacity to make a choice”! This was a very important decision. Did I want a chocolate caramel or strawberry cornetto?

We have to make choices all the time whether it’s what we’re going to wear, whether to play or do work, pudding or no pudding, or just which pudding.

The year 11s are about to start their last week of GCSE study, their main exams start in a weeks time. Then what? Do they stay at school for A levels; do they do A levels somewhere else; do they go to college; do they get an apprenticeship?

They have many paths to choose from, and the path they choose IS going to have an impact on the rest of their lives. This is quite a scary and daunting prospect to be facing at 16.

The year 13s will soon be finishing their formal, compulsory education, so have to decide whether to stay in education or whether to get a job.  Even more daunting.

We all have to make decisions and the way in which we make those decisions is going to differ. We may follow our instinct, we may ask other people’s advice, we may choose what we want to do, even if it’s not necessarily what we know we should be doing.

Our thought for the week comes from proverbs and says

Seek God’s will in all you do and he will show you which path to take

People have a tendency to turn to God when the going gets to tough and there is a big decision to be made. The problem with that is that they sometimes find it difficult to determine what God is saying, or where he is directing them.

What this proverb is saying is that if we are constantly seeking God’s will, in the small things as well, then he will always show us us which path to take. But how do seek Gods will? We know what is expected of us from our parents, friends, families and teachers because we spend time with them. It is the same with God, by spending time reading the Bible, and in prayer, we will understand what Gods will is. We won’t need to ask every single time, but we will find it so much easier when we do.

Its not promised that it’s going to be an easy path, but it is the correct path. The great thing is though, even if we choose the wrong path, let’s face it we all will, God will always be with us and be holding our hands.

Our lives are full of decisions, some bigger than others, but still decisions. Seek Gods will – He will show you.

Prayer: Father God, we thank you that you guide us, help us, and direct us. May we seek your will every day so that we seek your will in the big things as well. Amen

Challenge: think about a big choice you’ve got coming up, spend some time praying and seeking Gods will in that decision.

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